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Little Beauty
Dry Riesling
Vertical Tasting

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If you're a Riesling lover, or just curious about the effects of bottle age, then this mix is right up your street.  Over the years we've learnt when it comes to Riesling, patience can be a virtue.  The Little Beauty Dry Riesling's certainly age with grace and elegance.   Why not gather your friends, have a dinner party - and celebrate Riesling!

We'd recommend a comparative tasting first - youngest to oldest - followed by a menu prepared especially with Riesling in mind. 

Dinner party menu suggestion below.  Enjoy!

Vintage 75cl Dinner Party Dish
2019 3 Salmon Sashimi with Ginger & Soy
2017 3 Prawn Tempura with Sweet Chilli Sauce
2013 3 Twice-Cooked Pork Belly
2011 3
Blue Cheese, Oat Cakes & Dried Apricots